Production and Apply of Aggregate

Aggregates are mainly used as a component of concrete and asphalt concrete and also
used as base material under foundations, roads, and railways. To put it another way,
aggregates are used as a stable foundation or road/rail bases.
Specifications for various construction aggregate products, which, by their individual
design, are suitable for specific construction purposes. These products include specific
types of coarse and fine aggregate designed for such uses as additives to asphalt and
concrete mixes, as well as other construction uses.
Method to develop quarry is various. However we recommend to apply the bench cut
blasting by cutting down the quarry step by step as most safety exploitation to drill and
blast a bench sizing height and drilling pitch depend on the mine situation and
requirement needs.
However we offer to explore your quarry by our experienced engineers before the
commencement of development.
The modern blasting methods enabled the development of quarries, which are now used
throughout the world. The aggregate quarries are developing for limestone, granite,
marble or other quality.
Where neither stone, nor sand and gravel, are available, construction demand is usually
satisfied by shipping in aggregate by rail, barge or truck.
Though the natural sand and gravel are obtainable, their size and quality are often
differed from requirement even it is also same to quarries. Selection of deposit shall be
carefully studied.
Even the natural sand and gravel, their size and quality in the same deposit are differed
at the place.