During a half century Mutsumi Corporation has made a contribution to produce aggregate and
concreteproducts in Japan and foreign countries extending our activities to relating works.
In the period we grow up our engineering successfully resulting to own plenty of plants and
Long time experience gave us satisfactory ability improving technology supported by
engineers using the latest high technology.
We have the technology to design, erection and operation of the plants. We can make
technical drawings and arrange every moving and wear parts for any aggregate
plant,crushing machine,concrete plant and concrete products. We also have qualified support
staff to design, develop, and arrange bespoke products or production runs of all parts related
to the above equipment.
We offer to provide exploration of quarry, exporting equipment and plant with complete
support for erection and operation worldwide, with our extensive experience and engineering

We aim to be a successful company that is a leader in customer satisfaction and to
provide services, faster, better, and at a competitive price to all of our customers.
Say about recent activities for airport construction, at Haneda airport in Tokyo, we are
taking an important role to produce strengthen concrete panels covering the steel stage
of the airplane runway-D extended into the sea.
At Kansai air port which was made Osaka area as number two airport in Japan, we
produced 85,000,000 m3 rocks applied to embankment of the airport in the sea.
In Japan our services are not limited in a part of the country but overall from the north to
south and extending into world wide.